Dear Texas

This isn’t the break-out post I was going to begin with, and in all honesty, it has nothing to do with what this blog is all about, but it is something that needs to be said.

There are 3 men who hold the rights/liberties of a LOT of Texans in their hands right now. That’s right, they’re Texans. Fellow Texans, fellow Americans, fellow humans. Your family members, coworkers, doctors, lawyers, therapists, policemen/women, fire fighters, military, nurses, the list goes on and on, but also my friends, these 3 men hold the rights/liberties of fellow CHRISTIANS in their hands. These people may not look like you (it would be illegal to withhold the rights of people due to this), they may not worship like you (it would also be illegal to withhold rights/liberties due to religious beliefs), and they certainly don’t love like you. Or maybe they do, they just don’t love who you feel is appropriate. There is no specific law protecting those who love differently than you, and when laws are created to protect them, and their rights/liberties, people put out petitions wanting to deny those protections, siting religious beliefs as their reason for discrimination. So it’s a law that you cannot discriminate based on religious beliefs. Will hiring a Jewish person, or Muslim, compromise your beliefs if you work in a bank, bakery, accounting firm, etc? If so, how is that?

It’s incredibly hard to accept the argument that the “sanctity of marriage” is being threatened when two people who LOVE each other want to “make it legal,” so to speak. I mean, atheists get married. Illegal immigrants get married, and some may divorce as soon as they legally can. There was a television show on not too long ago (it might still be on, I was disgusted with it) with people who had never met who got married for a period of time “just to see if it would work.” If it didn’t work, it was annulled. In Hollywood people get married and divorced within months. Very young women marry very old men on their death beds just to cheat the families out of millions of dollars.  In politics and in real life, people stay married and have affairs on their spouses. There are “open” marriages, and swingers. Why does this type of thing happen in a marriage?  Oh and this is NOT just a democratic problem, folks. I’m very sad to tell you that there is NO “sanctity of marriage” except that which you yourself hold your own marriage up to. Two people who love each other should be allowed the same rights/liberties as you. They are tax paying, hard working citizens just trying to make it in this world.

There are SO many things wrong in this world, this nation, this state. SO many things. We have divorce, children with no knowledge of who their father is, single parent homes, abuse, incest, molestation, rape, hunger, homelessness, drugs, the killing of innocent people in the name of religion and money, crime, children killing children, children killing teachers..siblings… parents, terrorism, corruption in the highest levels of our Government (Republican and Democratic). Then you have people who just want the same legal protection as you when they make that important decision to spend the rest of their lives together. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that this world needs so much, and our focus is on what again? Something that will cost you nothing… not your faith, not your money, not your belief system, and not your ticket to heaven.

Why do you feel so incredibly threatened? Would it make you feel any better to know that gays/lesbians have no desire to “turn” you away from your heterosexual life? Why would anyone want that life for those they care about? It’s a hard life for no other reason but the discrimination and hate that is preached against what most feel is the very core of who they are. Why would anyone want those they love to suffer at the hands of people who are supposedly friends, coworkers, patients, clients, family, and the list goes on.

Are you afraid that once this is allowed, children everywhere will think it’s okay for them to love someone of the same sex and will suddenly start growing up with a homosexual mindset? Yeah, because keeping these basic human rights from homosexuals has stopped that from happening right? I mean, how many homosexuals do you think knew anything about even the word “gay” growing up? Many had never been “exposed…” I’m sure there was that spinster aunt that was later speculated upon, or the uncle who never married but was always out with the guys, but many had no idea what the word gay meant. What was known was that there was something seriously different inside, something that didn’t fit the norm, something that was at the very core of the human being they were and the one they would become. It wasn’t a choice, and it was a scary realization. Scary because no one wants to be hated or condemned for who they are.

Do you think God is going to condemn you to Hell if you hire that gay boy as the tech man? Do you think God is going to condemn you to Hell if you bake a cake for that lesbian’s baby shower? Do you think God will condemn you to Hell if you don’t battle this out until the bitter end? Until another slew of gay/lesbian teens kills themselves because their parents are petitioning, preaching, and condemning all homosexuals to Hell, not knowing the struggles of their own child. Until another kid kills themselves because they are bullied literally to death by kids who think it’s okay because that kid is an abomination in the eyes of God. Those bullies may or may not attend church on Sundays but they know that kid is less than human because that is what their parents and government are teaching them. Is that what your goal is? I’ve heard a few preachers say that all homosexuals needed to be rounded up and killed. This reminds me of a few extremist groups out there… you think it rings a bell?

Questions are welcome. Questions are great because they create a forum in which everyone can understand each other, and I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure God in His infinite love, would prefer that open forum of understanding and communication. He is the Judge, and so many people forget that. Here are a few questions to help you remember… Can you walk on water? Can you heal someone with nothing but prayer requests? Were you the product of an immaculate conception? I’m sure some of your parents who may not have been wed during your conception would have liked you to think so, but seriously.

Please do the right thing and stop fearing what you don’t understand. This particular topic is not a personal vendetta against you or God. Have you ever really wondered why people insist on separation of church and state? It isn’t because some of us don’t believe in God. It’s because we cannot use our religious beliefs (especially since it varies from denomination to denomination, not to mention the different religions) to decide what liberties should be allowed our hard working, tax paying, United States of America, citizens.

Life is a scary thing. It’s so difficult to navigate, regardless or your sexual orientation. Lets face it, we need all the help we can give each other. We all have something positive to contribute to this world. Like cheeseburgers!

***As I stated earlier, this blog was not set up as a politically charged forum for equal rights. It’s was set up as a place for us to vent our neuroticism. We have a lot of that, and because we feel so many people can relate, we thought we’d share so that no one would feel alone in their weirdness. Hopefully you will join us on this new journey of neurotic fun, yep, fun it will be!

That being said… I will not argue, or engage in political discussions. I have my views, you have yours, and I am very stubborn and set in my ways. I have not worked as hard as I have to get where I am mentally and psychologically, to engage the life-sucking behaviors of commenting haters. This is a place of love, and if you can’t show it, then run along with yourself. ❤

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