Apparently I was wrong about my current blogging forum. Things are in a bit of a political uproar over equal rights, in the big Ol’ state of Texas, which has gotten me in a bit of an uproar.

If it makes anyone feel better (if I have readers at all, ha!), I get in an uproar over a lot of things. Today one of my clients told me she discovered that it is illegal in some states to collect rain water. You can do it, but you must purchase a license and pay taxes… on rain. Luckily this is not the case in Texas, but when things such as this are so shockingly outrageous to me, I have a hard time reeling myself in. Oh well… she was laughing at me, but also completely agreeing. Hey, it’s my passion for what’s right that drives me, but the fact that I can’t deliver it smoothly at times can be a problem. I do try…

So here is what I needed to say in my first blog post.

There is no “gay agenda.” There is a human rights agenda. All American citizens should be granted the same civil liberties. Period. This shouldn’t even be a debate. This is why people insist on separation of church and state. Not because we don’t believe in God, worship God, praise him, but because religion should not be used to decided who gets civil liberties and who doesn’t. God Bless America and every hardworking police officer, military personnel, doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, therapist, etcetera, who is working hard on making this world a better place, while being denied the basic human rights that our families, coworkers, employers, employees, clients, students, etcetera are afforded. God bless them for keeping the faith in the face of bigotry.

Once upon a time, I wasn’t as faithful as I should have been. I let the followers get to me. I was so against church and so bitter. It wasn’t because I felt let down by God, but because it was preached that God hated me. He hated me for who I was. I almost let His followers convince me I wasn’t good enough for Him. Thankfully I “saw the light” so to speak, and thankfully He’s forgiving. I will not turn my back on Him again because with all I’ve been through, I have not ever been let down by God.

Now the “preach” is a bit a bit different, but not by much. I was volunteering at a church with a special needs ministry, and was asked to step down because of my relationship (a very long term relationship which would actually be legal if the State recognized it as such). I was more than welcome to come to church, but I was not good enough to volunteer. I guess it was a “love the sinner, not the sin” type of situation which is not okay and it did hurt my heart. The thing is, my personal relationship had nothing to do with the young adults I volunteered with. I wasn’t there to turn people “gay,” or to push some type of agenda. No one even knew, not because I hid it, but because I wasn’t there for people to know my personal life. I so thoroughly enjoyed working with those young adults. These kids had overcome so much and I loved watching them praise God… they kept the faith in so much adversity, and so did their families.

The good thing is that I didn’t allow this to once again make me bitter, and I didn’t choose the wrong path as far as my response to please attend church there. My response was going to include this: “I refuse to attend a church service full of hypocrites that spend their whole week living as though there is no God, and then suddenly turn righteous on Sunday (or when it fits their needs) as they walk through those big glass doors. I refuse to attend a church that doesn’t state exactly what they are because they fear it will turn people away… Baptist.” It’s a Baptist church that doesn’t publicly identify itself as such so as not to turn people off. Really? Anyway,  instead I took the high road, and stepped down with no response. It gets tiring, but if you want to find out who people really are, being LGBT is sure a great way to do that.

We are all natural sinners, and we all judge. We need to work on this. We need to work harder on making this world a better place. You can’t change the whole world, but you can certainly focus on the one surrounding you… your family, friends, community. Make it better. Practice kindness. Practice empathy. Practice understanding and compassion.

My partner told me there is no reason to get so outraged. She says it doesn’t do any good, and it doesn’t matter what I do, I won’t make a difference. As you will find out through this blog, she and I are two totally different people. I won’t give up, and I won’t stop being outraged. I’m not here to add to the destruction of the environment, and civilization. I want to be a benefit, and I won’t just sit back waiting for others to fight the battles for me. How about you?

Go out, change the world. You’re here for  reason. Let’s make it great!

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

One thought on “Apparently…”

  1. I found you! 🙂
    Best wishes with this new blog. When you have time, you’ll have to explain the title… or maybe you did in your other post. I’ll have to read it, too.
    Gosh… too bad about the volunteer position. Funny – The church I attend would probably have done the same thing. It’s so difficult these days to belong to any sort of organized group because the agenda isn’t necessarily the entire agenda of the members within the group… if that makes any sense. It’s like anything in life, I guess… like marriage… the two spouses don’t agree on everything, but they stick together anyway. But if the issue is huge, then the split happens.
    I don’t blog (reading and writing) as often as I once did, but I will certainly come by this site when I can. I’ve always liked listening to your stream of consciousness thoughtw.

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