Mid-Life Crisis: The Role of the Veterinarian

Some may really wonder what the heck type of role your animals’ veterinarian plays in YOUR midlife crisis. Well, I wrote my last post due to some things I was witnessing when visiting my vet. I gained quite a few readers from that post, so I feel compelled to write more about veterinarians. It’s actually not that hard to do, but please remember, my blog is all about neuroticism. So, when you read it, just know that whatever the title, you will find a lot of “neurotic” things, some political activism, some religion, some pictures, some music, it’ll all depend on what throws me into a enough of a tizzy to write about it.

I also want to write about the vet’s role in our lives, because I want to encourage empathy on both the client and the vet’s part. I’ll get into more of that later, but my focus will not be strictly on vets, but on teachers, on doctors… on anyone who “takes care” of others. Empathy is so important, and not a lot of people seem to possess it.

When you own a small zoo of animals that have a tendency to have allergies, and other high maintenance issues, your vet plays a huge a role in your life, whether you want him/her to or not. I love my vets, and the people in their office. A friendly staff is very important. They’re the front people, and if they aren’t friendly, it makes an already unpleasant visit (because really, who looks forward to going to the doctor? Any doctor!) way worse.

A few months ago, my Morkie (maltese/yorkie) was getting staph infection after staph infection on his paws. It was gross, and frustrating. One day I made a Saturday appointment and ended up with “the new vet.” This was already a rough day for me, as I had just begun to really struggle with this whole “OH my God, I’m getting older and not better” thing. I needed to lose weight (as told to me by MY doctor), and I just felt so sad when facing my new reality, which at that time was constant vet visits, running a very stressful business, the need to lose “a few pounds,” AND wrinkles. Seriously…

Well, in walks the “new vet.” She was young, she was cute, and I know my face probably showed what I was thinking which was “You have got to be kidding me… ” Not because she was young and cute. I don’t use age to gauge how good a person is at what they do. The cute part just killed my already insecure psyche. My thinking process while she was examining my Morkie (his name is Cam) was “Great, it’s happening already, the vet is younger… what’s next? My doctor?” My current doctor is my age, and I like her, so I don’t see that happening. “My dermatologist?” She is younger and cute, but very good at what she does, so I deal with my insecurities as best I can. Luckily she is a once yearly visit, and I use the excuse that she’s a dermatologist, for her young looks. My problem at that moment, standing in that vet’s office with a consistently sick dog, feeling exhausted and sad, was that I just could not handle one more chink in my midlife crisis that had only just begun to bloom. At least not at that moment.

I’ve had to go in a LOT since then. One day I was trying to figure out when to schedule a cat neutering (we found a beautiful white kitten), and I was so off on my dates because duh, I’m getting older. She corrected me and then told me about how she got her age all wrong when entering it on something. What I found out by listening to her was that she is actually 40, or will be? I can’t remember because all I heard at that moment was that we are actually in the same generation. I am not old enough to be her mother. Not even anywhere near it!  I cannot tell you how happy this made me!! I wanted to go eat ice cream. No seriously… I really did want to eat ice cream!

It was small, but I’m telling you, this whole midlife thing is really getting me down, and that was a small, bright moment for me. I’m so incredibly restless, and tired, and sad. I have lost the weight, though! I’m working out, drinking a TON of water because I saw something online that said a gallon a day will help get rid of wrinkles. We all know that what we see on the internet is true, right?!?!

Anyway, this vet has ended up being our vet full time, and not because she is my age. She’s very good at what she does, and so loving with the animals. Don’t assume dear vets that a client’s initial reaction has anything to do with you at all. Sometimes our minds are just so full and boggled that things spill over. This is why I blog. I may or may not have readers, but at least I’m getting it out of my head.

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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