My world of Dreams: NOT Dreamy

As you head off to bed someone might tell you “sweet dreams.” I have no idea what a “sweet dream” is. In my head, a “sweet dream” is a dream about winning the lottery, or hitting it big at the casino. It might be a dream about eating all of the yummy food I can get my hands on, and not getting fat. It might be a dream about sex… well, it might!!!

Alas, I don’t have those dreams. I have dreams that one might have after taking LSD. I don’t have any type of LSD experience, but I can imagine it’s freaky.

My dream last night was quite the LSD experience without actually taking the drug.

The background info before the dream:

I have a lot of animals. We work hard to keep the animals from being a nuisance with their barking. They love to bark when they hear the neighbors, so I’m extra cautious when I allow them out. We have this one neighbor, who is a distinguished, yuppy, slightly gray haired man, who wears khaki shorts, nice button up shirts and leather flip flops. Now imagine this man with a glass of wine in his hands. Do you see him? That’s my neighbor!

Last night I dreamed about this neighbor. NO, it wasn’t a sex dream. Thankfully. Nope, my brain doesn’t work that way at all. I dreamed I had gotten up pretty early. I opened the door to let the dogs out. It was incredibly foggy, and a bit rainy, but I let them out anyway, and went to make my coffee. They started barking nonstop! I ran to the door to get them back in, and suddenly I saw my neighbor on this bicycle “sleigh?,” having some guy load my dogs in the back. I started freaking out, and told him I would keep them quiet. He told me he was simply taking them for a ride. My neighbor then harnessed two Golden Retrievers to the front, climbed onto this tall seat, and shook the reigns to have the Golden Retrievers pull the bike, as he pedaled, with his wine in his hand. They pedaled and pulled, and sleighed around the grass, and up and down the sidewalks. Each time they passed me, he would toast me with his wine glass, and give the head tilt… you know the tilt, right? His short, gray hair flowing, my dogs’ ears flying, and remember it was foggy outside. It was quite the sight. Thankfully my real alarm went off, and I was happy to open the door to an already hotter than Hell day at 6:00 am.

So who actually has sweet dreams? My dream world is a place I’m usually relieved to wake from.

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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