Thoughts on the go!

Here is  a quickie for the morning!

My thoughts are very random, and never planned out. Luckily I’m alone when the strangest ones hit, and I am unable to share these thoughts with other people. I have time to think before I speak, I suppose.

I like to treat myself to special treats in times of stress. I did just that yesterday! I went into an ice cream shop, and while waiting in line, I was excited to see there was a woman in front of me without children. “OH good, I’m not the only adult here treating themselves!” Turns out her kid was in the car, but whatever. I was not going to be deterred, and I’m glad I wasn’t. Once I got my ice cream, I was happy. I was SO happy, I wanted to buy everyone ice cream. “Hey scowling lady with the botox lips… I’ll buy you an ice cream!” “Hey guy in the new Corvette looking at me like you’d never have me (clearly ice cream isn’t classy enough for you. You’d prefer botox lady), I’d never have you either, but I’ll buy you an ice cream, and shove it right up your… well never mind. It’d never fit with that stick anyway.” “Hey jogging man, let me get you an ice cream! You deserve it after jogging for sure!”  Luckily, it was a short drive home.

This morning, I decided to sleep in a little because it’s my long day. I woke up, got my bottle of water (I drink a bottle everyday before I do anything else), got my dogs all settled, went to the coffee pot, and alas, it.was.dry. “Nooooooo! How am I going to make it through my long day without my coffee?” Now this is kind of crazy, because I literally don’t even finish a whole cup most of the time. I suppose it’s the routine of it all. “Okay, emergency plan: I will head to Dunkin for some coffee, then go to Starbucks for my green tea, and I cannot forget my green juice (it’s my breakfast) from my juice place… ahhhhhh, how is this going to work?”

ADHD kicks in… “Wait… I will blog first!”

Yeah sooooo, I really need to get going or I’ll never make it to work.

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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