Don’t be afraid!

“Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra, la la how life goes on…”

I have decided that most people are afraid to dream. C’mon people, this is a HUGE night for all of us poor hopefuls who have played what I believe is the largest lottery in our history. You never know, the big winner/winners, could be among us!

Dream! What’s wrong with dreaming of all the neat things you’d do with the money if you won?

I’m sure people are saying things like “Who cares, I won’t win anyway!,” Or “Who has time to dream?” Well, I posted this to my Facebook page earlier, and if you have time to be on Facebook, you certainly have time to dream! Maybe people are afraid to dream for fear of jinxing their chances at winning. Seriously? Your chances of winning are so slim that who cares!!! DREAM! If you never dream, you’ll never even achieve the realistic things you wish for. I believe this. I’d much rather dream than worry over things. I call it planning!

Here’s a little snippet of what I’d do if I won just 3% of that money…

1.Pay off my college loans! Ugh, I am haunted daily by the thought of what I owe for an education that I really need to go back and add to.

2. Make sure I have money set aside for my son’s education. He will be going to college SOON, and I am so stressed about getting it paid for. I know he will get scholarships, but seriously, unless it’s a full ride, I’m screwed as far as higher education loans, until I die.

3. Turn my business into a truly charitable organization in which kiddos who financially qualify can get all of the therapy and education they need.

4. BUY myself the convertible I’ve been wanting since I traded my other one in for a more practical vehicle, for my business.

5. FINALLY get my west coast home in the mountains, that over looks the ocean. It doesn’t have to be big. I would like a nice big, but cozy, windowed room with a view, for painting and writing!

6. Build another business I’ve been dreaming about, but this time, I’d have a way to make it financially successful. In other words, I’ve learned a few things, and I would know what to do this next time around.

7. I wouldn’t be selfish… here is where other money would go:

A. I’d build an animal shelter/rescue/refuge in which the animals would not feel as if they were in a shelter. A place for them to live happily until they found their forever homes.
B. I’d buy a few shopping centers and turn them into amazing low-income homes with self sustaining gardens that the residents must manage.
C. Obviously family members and good friends would benefit from the windfall.

I’d still have money left over if I hit more than 10 million, so I’d make sure I had emergency funds put away, and then who cares about the rest. Charities, family members, whatever…

What would YOU do if you won a big lottery?

Don’t be afraid to put it in writing. Dreaming is fun, and it literally costs us nothing. If we don’t win… well, you saw the opening lyrics. Life goes on, and we had a little fun pretending to be rich!

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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