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I want to learn more about whoever may come across my blog! At the end of this post you will find your “assignment!” I really hope people participate. It will be fun! There is no time limit.

I saw something on Facebook yesterday that a friend posted. A 2016 post: 15 Things About Me. I get why people post these types of things. I get why they post Aura, personality, astrological sign info,and other quiz results. Yes, they’re fun little things to do when we need mindless moments, they’re great procrastination tools, and they can make us feel as if we are amazingly beautiful inside, even when we’ve been quite bitchy all day long.

People don’t post the results due to these reasons. They post these things because they want us to know all that dwells within them. That they are much deeper creatures than what we see on the surface. They want us to know that they are different from everyone else.

We ALL want to be SEEN, and we want to be seen as special and unique. It’s why we write, it’s why we sing, it’s why we paint, or take pictures, or do whatever we do in an attempt to make our mark on the world. We ALL have burning passions, deep hurts, so much love within us, and we want people to see all of these things, not for money, or fame, but because it’s the very essence of who we are, and we feel things differently than anyone else can. We feel we are so much more than what we can ever get out into the world.

The need to get it out, can consume us. I know this is true for me. Sometimes I feel SO wound up inside, so restless. I have a want of something I cannot define, and I bubble over. I’m in that moment right now, actually. These feelings can be quite productive at times, or they can go the other direction, and be debilitating.

Now for the assignment and back to my friend’s post, “15 Things About Me.” I’m changing that number to 16, because I don’t know why it would be 15 things, when it’s a 2016 thing. I want to know 16 things about you. You can give facts, but you can also use this opportunity to delve deep, and put it out here. Do it in the comments, and I will approve them as they come in. It might take a day to do this, but I will get it approved as quick as I can read it!

I’ll post mine in a blog post tonight. I need to go be productive around the house!

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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