As Promised!

2016: 16 Things About Me (there is some language in here that some people might not like)

1. I spend most of my time in my imagination. No matter what I’m doing, my brain is always elsewhere. Not always a good thing when I’m driving, but I really think this is how I am able to manage my stress without losing my mind.

2. Like everyone else who blogs, I’ve always wanted to write a book. Ahhh, one day, one day. Lots of great ideas, just cannot figure out how to get them on paper in a graceful manner. This is my year of grace though, so maybe this is the year for me!

3. I don’t particularly like people. People think that because I am so friendly, I just love everyone. This is not the case. I do try, and I’m not fake friendly. I don’t have to work at being friendly unless it involves someone I know and truly do not like.

4. I try to see what lies beneath the surface, in people. Sometimes this is very difficult, as most people don’t even know what lies beneath their own surface, and some people don’t have anything at all beneath the surface.

5. I have a lot of parental regrets. This is a hard one. I’ll never be able to go back and yell less, or spend more time playing with them. Make note of this all of you young, stressed out parents. Yes, you’re tired. Yes, you work hard. Yes, they can really misbehave, but you will never get this time back. Don’t fuck it up. I’m not saying to let them walk all over you, either. Just spend more time with them.

6. I have a lot of educational regrets. I want to go back to school, not just for a master’s degree, but a doctorate.

7. I have career regrets. I’ve always wanted to do something on the publishing side of things. I’d love to be an editor. I have horrible punctuation, but I can fix that if only I was offered an opportunity.

8. I considered going along with selling the business, as long as I could get my convertible. I had a red convertible that I loved, but traded it in for a more practical car for the business.

9. I hate “practical.” Life is too short.

10. People who are constantly “deep,” drive me nuts. Get a sense of humor. Seriously. Again, life is too short.

11. I have struggled with religion, but through my own self discovery, I found I was basing my beliefs on the followers, and not trusting in God. This is a biggie. I am not one who will verbally praise God over your good news, or tell you Jesus loves you when you’re struggling, nor will I buy you a book with religious undertones, but I do believe, I do have faith, and I do pray.

12. I have a crazy bucket list. It’s true. I never thought about it before but now that I’m having my midlife crisis, I’m really thinking about some crazy things I’d love to accomplish. That will be another blog, and you can share yours with me, too!

13. For the first time in 10 years, I will be getting my hair done, without getting it  colored.  This is a big deal for me. I never liked myself as a brunette, but I decided I’d give it a try. I want my hair to be healthier than it has been.

14. For the first time in 5 years, I am down from a size 10, to a size 6 in jeans. How did I do it? BY CHANGING MY EATING HABITS AND DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. This will be whole other blog. Just please… don’t buy into all of these pyramid schemes, etc. Let me blog my thoughts on this. I really should go back to school to be a nutritionist. I LOVE talking about good, healthy food!

15. I’m a whole ‘lotta crazy! I get happily excited over small things, and you can tell I’m stressed from a mile away, but when there is a true crisis, I am the epitome of calm thinking. Another one of my tricks for getting through this crazy life in one piece.

16. I consider myself to be liberal, but I do have some conservative leanings. I like to call myself the liberal conservative.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I have to get to work on lesson planning while I watch this college game! Go Clemson! I love the Auburn Tigers, and the Texas Aggies are next on the list, but tonight I am cheering Clemson! How about you!! Please don’t “Roll Tide” me… Gah!


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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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