Bubble Camp

Here we go again folks! Shit just got real. Seriously, a few days ago I blogged about how we should at least allow ourselves the luxury of dreaming about the fun we’d have if we won the lottery. Too many people don’t let themselves dream about anything, much less something like winning this type of money. I’ve allowed myself the luxury of dreaming, for sure. I even have a dream about what to do the next time I need all of my numbers filled out!

I’ve decided I would have a camp for kids that will teach them how to appropriately fill in the bubbles. I mean, kids have to know how to do this if they’re going to be attending public schools. I could even make the camp academic and little kid friendly, by using the lottery scantrons to teach number recognition up to 69, and letter recognition up to uppercase, letter E. Not to mention the benefit of the children learning how to follow instructions. I’d make a deal with all of the parents too. I’d tell them that they need to pay for the camp, and if we win, they get a percentage of the winnings. The percentage would depend on how many kids are enrolled in the camp. Sounds like a plan right? That way, I make money from the camp, and the kids learn something. So it’s a win/win even if we don’t win! Winning!! Ha!

I have this dream because it took me forever to fill out those scantrons today! My OCD kicked in full force! I was checking each box, making sure I was doing the numbers correctly, and carefully coloring perfect little squares. When I walked up with my tickets, I had a little bit of stress. “What if it won’t scan? Then I’ll have to do it all over again!” I could picture myself losing my mind at that point, in front of all of the other hopefuls, standing with their carefully filled in scantrons. It would have been ugly. I would have been sprawled out in the middle of Valero, PowerBall scantrons all around me, my number 2 pencil in hand, hissing at anyone who came near, and begging the guy behind the counter to just let me pop open a beer while I worked.  I’m pretty sure the number 2 pencil was key as far as the acceptance of my sheets by the finicky lottery machine. The number 2 pencil is what kept me out of the mental hospital.

If you’re a lottery player, I wish you luck tonight! I hope whoever wins this thing, absolutely uses it to do lots of good things for their community, and lots of fun things for themselves!




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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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