…Then I Woke Up

Ahhh, it was 10:30 at night and my mind was twirling, swirling with thoughts of things I can control, and worries over things I cannot.
Suddenly I was thrust onto the streets of some unfamiliar waterfront town, lined with boats. It was quite charming. I headed in the direction of one particular boat, a tour boat, a three hour tour boat. I get in with purpose. I’m going to figure out what went wrong so many years ago. Why did they end up on a deserted isle? For years???
We start the tour, I’m at the helm with several others. It was an interesting setup, with a row team in the middle of the boat, propelling it forward. Of course this is what went wrong. They couldn’t handle the storm! They’re only human, after all.
We suddenly end up beached on an isle that we think is deserted. We climb out of the boat, the lot of us, and start exploring this wonderfully primitive island. I head off to the other side, taking shortcuts through the trees and brush. When I had finally reached the opposite beach, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There on the beach was what appeared to be a team of ancient Egyptians. It was as if I had stepped into another time. There they were, taking no notice of me, building this huge ship out of stone and sand, on the beach. It looked as if it was rising up through the sand. It had the classic Egyptian paintings on the sides in so much detail… but… Was it truly a ship, or was it simply a structure much like the pyramids?? Ahhhhh so cool!
…Then, I woke up!
**I dream of water a LOT. usually these dreams are terrifying. I was happy about this dream.

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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