When Reality Hits

“They sent me away to teach me how to be sensible,
Logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
Clinical, intellectual, cynical.”

My morning realization: I’m driving to work, popping antacids, sitting for 30 minutes in traffic that isn’t moving, only 5 miles before my exit. While sitting there, I’m looking around at the people in the cars next to me. Some are on their phones. Some are like me, staring straight ahead as if they’re also coming to a horrific realization, some are seat dancing. I’m getting agitated, wondering exactly how many of these people have toll tags. Great, right? I’ve suddenly become THAT person. The one who is disgusted that I’m paying to drive a road that is clogged with traffic. Traffic caused by people who probably don’t ever pay their tolls. Pfffft. Seriously, this isn’t the person I am, but this morning, I just couldn’t be nice. It’s then that the thought occurred to me. THIS is what my life has become. THIS is my life and I’m not even a high powered executive. I don’t even have money to roll around in. Are you kidding me?? FFffff!  Traffic begins to move again, slowly, and guess what?! No accidents, no cops, no one pulled over. Nothing. It just suddenly opened up.

The positive in this…

Well, the obvious is that there was no accident, but there’s also this:

Looking out among my fellow traffic buddies, I knew I wasn’t alone. It made me want to get out of the car and run around giving everyone high fives. I wonder how many people would roll down their windows to me. Ha!!



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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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