Make a Wish

I’ve mentioned in posts before this, that my neighbors must think I’m a little crazy. That’s okay, I mean, I am a little crazy. I’d rather be crazy than frustratingly ordinary.

I know they’ve been outside when I’m in the midst of talking to some animal. It might be a road runner, a squirrel, some doves, or… a dandelion (not an animal at all).

Yesterday we had some storms rolling in. In Texas you have to be prepared, and have a plan at ALL times if there’s even a hint of a storm, because a hint can turn deadly pretty fast. You have to know the air. If its thick, heavy, and warm, you’re probably going to have something ugly rolling in. You learn words like “bow echo,” “rotation,” and “wall cloud…” (I could go on) by the time you’re able to talk and understand life. You learn that hail is not a fun thing. You learn that it might be sunny at 11:00 and you can have a tornado warning with severe thunderstorms by noon. You also learn that your landscape will change a bit during a storm.

I hate weeds. I actually have an OCD thing going on as far as weeds are concerned, especially dandelions! I call them weed seeds, and tend to freak out (internally of course) when I see people blowing those little weed seeds all over the place. So when I notice them, I pull them up immediately. Yesterday was different. We were trying to get the cars in order before the storm rolled through. When I was moving my car I noticed 4 dandelions, fully intact, dancing around in the wind, and thought I’d go grab my camera.

While I was taking pictures of the dandelions, I was talking to them. Yep, I admit it. I knew the storms would soon be arriving, and those little dandelion weed seeds would be blown all over creation. I was feeling a little sad for them. That’s when I wondered what the Hell was wrong with me. First of all, I should be pulling these bad boys, but nope. I was sitting in the yard, talking to weed seeds, as a storm quickly approached. I don’t know, I think I’m losing my touch a little. Some of my OCD tendencies are fading, but apparently so is my mind. Again, It’s not like the weed seeds were responding back to me. I suppose if that was the case, I’d probably need some special meds.

Make a wish, everyone! I’m making a lot. I’ll be traveling in the next few days, taking the last of the college tours. Please, wish me luck.


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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

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