Angry Mother Nature

I love the sky. I love all kinds of clouds, sunsets, (I’d probably love a good sunrise as well, but I’m lucky enough to not have to be up early for those), clear blue skies, starry nights, full moonsets, and anything else you can think of.

It’s odd really. I love the sky, yet I’m so terrified of what can come from it during a Texas storm. Lightning, hail as big as grapefruits, flooding, and tornadoes. There once was a time when those weather watches and warnings were heard, but not too much preparation was put into sheltering yourself. I mean, they came through, and yes there was destruction, but it wasn’t really anything that hit in “your” town. I would still hide in a closet (yes, as an adult) where I couldn’t see the lightning slashing angrily through the sky.

Tonight we are preparing (as best we can) for incredibly dangerous weather. Schools let out early, extra curricular classes have been cancelled, the weather service issued a PDS along with a tornado watch. If you don’t know what that means, it’s  a”particularly dangerous situation” which can cause great destruction and loss of life. Frightening as hell.

I spent a lot of time looking at the sky after getting home from work tonight. Praying and watching the clouds move past the sun. Yes, I pray. No this isn’t an invitation to discuss religion or theology. It is what it is. Then I came in and began to prepare. Crates for animals, a few water bottles in the restroom, my boots (just in case), all of my technology is charging. Not that I’ll be able to use it should a disaster hit. Not even our phones will work for awhile after.

I hate that I feel like a sitting duck waiting for something to happen. We have no control over this. I begged for a shelter. BEGGED. I didn’t care what I had to give up to get one. DO we have one, now? NO. So, we sit, and…  we wait.

Below you’ll find a just few pictures of what happened when an F4 tornado hit the day after Christmas. There was no PDS issued then. These pictures don’t even depict the worst of the damage that occurred just minutes from home.

I took these pictures, not out of curiosity, but because my camera is MY therapy. I see everything through my camera. Most people will say “Put the camera down, and just see what’s in front of you.” I can’t do that. I didn’t get in anyone’s way, or drive down anyone’s personal street until I volunteered for animal rescue/pet care. I didn’t take pictures while volunteering, but I was exposed to more damage than I could have even imagined. There was absolutely nothing left of many homes, new cars were tossed aside as if they were garbage, toys and clothes were strewn across lawns. A lot of loss. A lot of damage. A LOT of very lucky people.

So if you live somewhere in which you’ve never experienced this type of weather, and you’re seeing the duress of your Texas friends on social media, please understand the anxiety many of us feel when a storm watch/warning is issued. The weathermen may be creating just a bunch of hype, and trust me, no one hopes for more hype than action, more than we do!! You just never know…


**The featured image was taken from our backyard. We didn’t realize it was so close to us. We couldn’t even hear it.

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40 something woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, living daily life with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and completely dripping sarcasm like melting cheese from a cheese-burger.

3 thoughts on “Angry Mother Nature”

  1. 😦
    I see my mama’s old apartment in one of those pics. I see where we were. I see my street.
    I’m glad tonight’s storms didn’t development like they said. The days of elevated heart rate and anxiety were aweful. 😦


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